Chapel and Soft Opening Blessing

June 29, 2015

The chapel, which we built with the help of Gawad Kalinga del Carmen villagers, was turned over to the community yesterday, June 28 2015.

blessing     chapel1

We turned it over to the Espejon family who’s father grandfather owned the land which our resort is now located on. The Espejon family are a devout catholic family who had a sister who was killed as a martyr while serving the sisterhood of mother Theresa in Yemen.


It celebrated the start of our partnership programs with Gawad kalinga del Carmen as well as our commitment to uplifting the community in our own little way.

chapel3   father6

Our neighbors attended along with the  Espejon Family and friends.

The blessing was presided by Fr. Dudoy who is the parish priest of General Luna.


We ended the blessing with a feast of Lechon, aventinos pizza and pancit! Lami!