Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga approaches poverty from the root up. They begin with tackling the most basic challenge, shelter. Many are involved in their housing program and GK links them together. Here’s a beautiful scenario: a generous individual lends land, a benevolent company sponsors all the coco lumber, nails, and nipa, and a group of hardworking volunteers from engineers, students, and other villagers together build house. There is shared equity in each home. One helps build another’s home and participates well within the community. One day, it will be his home they will all labor for.

The strength of a tree is held in the trunk. The reinforce core values such as hard work, integrity, and environmental stewardship through community classes. Alongside homes, they have built cycles of service and the services branch out towards health and education. They concentrate on maximizing food availability.

Focus on the available natural resources and match them with necessary skills to utilize these assets. The fruit of their ingenuity is self-sufficiency.

We have been in partnership with GK from the beginning. They helped us relocate the Chapel outside the resort entrance as well as harvested nito vines which now hang above our restaurant.

Take a field trip to the nearest Gawad Kalinga village located in General Luna. We are happy to point you to their location or schedule a build for you and your mates.