Grom Nation

You might see one of their co-founders, Josh Gona, on his motor around town with three groms and a bundle of boards off to somewhere with speedy mission. You can also find him in the Surf School out front as he is one of our head instructors. When you talk to him, you’d get a sense of openness amidst his shy nature. And their co-founder Emily beams enthusiasm and genuine cheer. Their good spirit exudes in the group.

Grom Nation has created a very dynamic community livelihood program through surfing. They begin with the kids and extend to the family.

Used boards travel a great distance, some as far as from Australia, to find their home with Siargao children. These donations are used to teach surfing board repair to the kids or rented out to tourists for the charity. Nowadays, you’d see the kids of General Luna afterschool at their official board repair workshop (located at Bryan’s Surf Shop).

“We use surfing as a mechanism of engagement for kids to participate in programs that we run, such as beach clean ups, surfboard repair workshops, and woodwork/construction classes. All funds after paying for an instructor go back into the community through resources for education, livestock for families to live off (such as chickens), water filters and mosquito nets for families, and local health clinic.” Our goal is to have enough lessons and funds to decrease the prevalence of poverty on the island by providing families with sustainable sources of income. We are trying to create long term solutions to poverty by improving school attendance and giving children the skills and opportunities that will help them build better futures. We are also trying to ensure that children play a key role in preserving their island and in improving their local community.”

They also have some fund raising products for sale at our sari-sari store at the reception.