The waves draw us.

When the vast Pacific Ocean brews up storms, it sends swells south westerly to the Philippine Sea. Siargao is situated at this perfect channel where when these swells hit reef, they have gained enough momentum and what happens within our island’s reef is nothing short of a miracle. And our shores generate waves all year round. Study our surfing calendar to learn about surf seasons and meteorological factors.

“Seasonally, the Philippines is fickle and difficult to predict, because the only real groundswell generator is from irregular typhoons travelling W-NW towards Japan. They may form at any time but July-Dec is the prime time, peaking through Sept-Oct. There is an estimated 15-20 swells in each season, that provide several days of E-NE swells between 3-8ft with occasional 12ft days. The best time for clean conditions is during the SW monsoon from July-Oct when the wind is predominantly offshore but both swell height and consistency is low. After this the wind switches around to the NE, bringing on-shores and much bigger NE wind swells that peak in Dec/Jan. Oct/Nov should bring the best chance of swell and some lighter winds. The calm May-June transition period sees low winds blowing from a E-SE direction, while swell is almost non-existent. The tidal range is minimal, but most shallow reefs are better surfed from mid-high tide.

Source: “Storm Rider Surf Guide to the Philippines”


SURF STATISTICS Jan / Feb Mar / Apr May / June July / Aug Sep / Oct Nov / Dec
Swell size (ft) 7 – 8 4 – 6 2 – 3 2 2 – 4 6 – 7
Consistency (%) 94 86 23 6 39 97
Dominant Wind NE – E NE – E E – S S – W SW – W NE -E
Average Force F4 F4 F3 F3 – F4 F3 – F4 F4
Consistency % 85 80 67 59 56 65
Water temp (C) 24 24 24 25 24 24
Wetsuit no need no need no need no need no need no need