Sustainable Practices and Habits

Anti-Plastic and Waste

From market to table, we strive to eliminate plastic. Our kitchen shops only with reusable bags. Our dining table is adorned with reusable cloth serviettes instead of paper napkin. Drinks are served with cool metal straws. Plastic-bottled beverages including mineral water have been replaced by glass-bottled drinks and a refillable water station. And we have swapped all bathroom amenities from single-use plastic sachets to lovely, refillable soap dispensers.

There are some reusable bags available at our sari-sari store in front. You can use these when shopping around town. It helps reduce single-use plastics. If you would like to take it home, please inform the front desk.

Reusable Water Containers

The average person uses 167 plastic water bottles each year. That’s almost 700 bottles for a family of 4. We have a few reusable water bottles for sale in our store front as well. The Harana branded bottles and SEA Movement bottles are all vacuum insulated which will allow to keep your drinks really cold or really hot for hours at a time.  The restaurant has filtered water available 24-7 free of charge. Just refill your reusable bottle there.

Have a look at the current Plastic Battle Map too for other refilling stations around the island.

Earth Friendly Detergents

Our resorts policy is to use organic detergents and cleaners as much almost always. The only exception is when we need to use heavy detergents for deep cleaning.  For the most part, we use organic soaps and shampoos. One of the brands we use is called Human Nature, which also gives back to Gawad Kalinga communities. (see our volunteer page for more info).